Minimize Waste. Maximize Profit.


Save Money.

We can save money through thoughtful redesign, but also by intelligent sourcing from local manufacturers that are reliable and efficient at building what you need. This waste reduction strategy saves money.


Save Trees.

A small design change can have a significant impact not only on cost, but also by consuming less of this precious natural resource – trees. This is why we offer free packaging redesign for our customers. We also donate a minimum of 1% of sales to tree conservation charities. Click here to learn more about our 1-2-3% Conservation Program.


Save Time.

We have the industry connections and knowledge to take care of the lengthy bidding process for you.  You want to save money, and we know wood packaging and the best sources in the industry. Let us provide you with a competitive quote that will almost always save you time and money. If we can’t save you money, we will negotiate with your current vendor to reduce pricing on your behalf.


Maximize Profit.

We work tirelessly to save money, save trees, and save time, but in the end… shareholders want to see it on the financial statement.  Our customers choose to work with us for the cost savings at first, but we’re glad they choose to stay and make a positive impact on the future of the planet as well.