Free Pallet Design Services

Pallet design is the first among many free benefits provided to current and prospective customers.

Many of these services would cost a company tens of thousands of dollars per year to have an employee on staff, or to hire a consultant.

Take advantage of this unique free benefit by giving us a call today.

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Custom Pallet Design

Let us help you redesign your existing wood packaging to eliminate waste, improve throughput, and/or reduce inventory.

We can also start from scratch to create a wood package design that works best for your application.


Intelligent Sourcing

We work with a network of reputable, local manufacturers of quality wood pallets and crates. Not all manufacturing companies are created equal, and we have the experience to know the best manufacturer to meet your needs — at the right price.

Sustainability Initiatives

If sustainability is important to you or your business, we will work with you to prioritize sustainable options for your wood packaging. Also, know that we donate a % of all sales to tree conservation non-profits globally.


Dedicated Service

Dedicated support and one-on-one consultation to understand and meet your unique needs when you need assistance.


Industry Experience

With over 16 years of industry experience, we have a unique insight into reputable manufacturers, creative packaging designs, industry cycles, and lumber market trends – information we share for free.

Cost Saving Pallet Design

There are two primary ways that we can reduce your wood packaging spending. Custom pallet design or redesign is the process by which we review the application and design a pallet with less material or more cost effective material.

Through intelligent sourcing, you can effectively go out for bid through one point of contact. We know the industry and the appropriate manufacturers to involve in the quoting process to avoid non-reputable suppliers while saving you money.

Quality Pallet Design

Sourcing from reputable manufacturers ensures quality custom pallet designs that meet your custom requirements.

If you ever have a problem, your dedicated customer service contact can answer your questions and help find a quick and acceptable resolution.

By working with Wisconsin Lumber & Pallet, you have two layers of protection instead of one. We will attempt to resolve any issues immediately, and anything we cannot resolve, can be resolved with the manufacturer.

Environmental Impact

Supporting sustainability initiatives contributes to reducing environmental footprint and promoting responsible business practices.

Not only do we donate a portion of our profits to tree conservation efforts, but we will actively support any internal initiatives that our customers have to drive environmental change within their organization or supply chain. We’re all in this together. 


Expertise and Guidance

Having extensive industry experience, we are able to offer guidance in a number of wood packaging and lumber related areas.

We have industry connections to get things done. We have design knowledge and the confidence that your products will get to their destination safely in the package we provide.  We work with ISPM 15 Export certified companies and can even help you become certified if there is a benefit to doing so. 



We mentioned “free” services, such as free wood package design, above, but we do offer a number of other paid services.

Packaging Audit

We will analyze your packaging SKUs, designs, Bill of Materials, usage, etc. to make recommendations such as wood pallet design.

Export Certification

We can connect your company with an accredited ISPM 15 Export Certification agency should we find it necessary to do so.

Sustainability Audit

We offer a sustainability audit to go through a number of key business areas to help identify strengths and weaknesses for review. 


We can connect you with a number of nonprofit organizations to plant trees around the world or will work with your local community to plant trees locally on your behalf. Also, 1% of every sale we make is donated to forest conservation efforts globally.