This report is for Vermont, but it’s happening in many northern states and Canada as well. Logging cannot occur if conditions are not right. Ground needs to be frozen or dry for loggers to get in without damaging forestland. While this is undoubtedly harming loggers’ income this season, it may have lasting implications on the lumber markets this spring and summer.

Key takeaways:

  • Loggers in Vermont are facing financial challenges due to warm and muddy winters
  • Last 18 months have been difficult for Vermont’s forest products industry, with loggers losing tens of millions
  • Contractors are cutting back on crews or selling additional products to stay afloat
  • Some contractors are leaving the industry, which is rare to return
  • Loggers are pushing for H.624 to fund projects improving water quality and climate resilience on harvest sites.

Source: Warm, muddy winter wreaks havoc on logging industry