Softwood Lumber


We can supply lumber across the USA in full truckload quantities. We can send Douglas Fir from the Pacific Northwest, Southern Yellow Pine from the Southeast, or SPF (Spruce/Pine/Fir) from Canada.

We also offer reman capabilities in Wisconsin.

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Pallets and Skids

We supply truckloads of pallets across the United States. We vet local suppliers on your behalf to ensure quality, communication, and save on shipping costs. Then we make the ordering and reordering process simple.

Wisconsin Lumber & Pallet has an established network of known, quality manufacturers in Wisconsin that produce wood packaging in the specifications that you require.

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custom pallets

Wood Crates

Hardwood crates and softwood crates are a common way to package large items that need some stacking capability or bump protection while in shipping. Crates generally secure your product within, but the product remains visible through the gaps in the crate structure.

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OSB or Plywood Boxes

OSB and Plywood Boxes are commonly used to fully enclose a product for extra security and protection. Equipment that must remain clean, cannot be touched during shipping, or has long distances to travel (such as  overseas export packaging shipments) are generally packaged in sturdy OSB Boxes.

OSB and plywood boxes provide an economical way to store and ship your products securely in a box that is stronger than corrugated. 

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custom OSB Boxes

custom cut lumber

Cut Lumber

We work with a network of reman facilities that can process full truckloads of softwood and hardwood lumber into the custom sizes you need. Cut lumber can be used as dunnage for blocking and bracing or to assemble your own pallets or crates.

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Used Pallets

If you buy truckloads of pallets per week or month, you might be looking for cost savings. Used pallets come in a variety of grades that are somewhat standardized, but can vary from place to place.

Typically, pallet repair facilities have 3 grades of used pallets, AAA (best quality used pallets), A (may be repaired, but little evidence of repairs), and B (looks like it’s been around the world several times and hit every dock on the way).

If you need something structurally sound that you can get forks under and it doesn’t matter what the pallet looks like, a B grade used pallet might be exactly what you’re looking for. We only supply used pallets in full truckload quantities.

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used 48x40 pallets

Custom Wood Packaging

Packaging Design

Let us help you reduce waste and redesign your existing wood packaging. If you have a new project, we’re happy to start from scratch.

We start with the application and custom design a package that will secure your product during shipping.

Once we have your approval on paper, we can either build a sample for testing, or just go to full production. Depending on complexity, it might make sense to produce a sample first.


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Reduce Wasteful Material

Substitute Material Types

custom OSB Boxes

Use Sustainable Material