ISPM 15 Certification

Sometimes it is best to work with a business that is already a certified ISPM 15 wood packaging provider, but there are situations where it makes sense to become certified yourself.

Businesses that build their own custom wood packaging with heat treated lumber are ready for certification when the benefits outweigh the cost of working with someone else.

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Your products are custom and require custom wood packaging built at your facility to ship.


Your customers continue to expand overseas and need to count on you.


Export sales are growing and nothing will hold you back. You’ve increased to monthly or weekly export shipments.



If you already build your own packaging, it can save money becoming certified yourself.


Am I ready for ISPM 15 Certification?

The fact that you’re still reading this means you’re pretty serious about becoming certified. Your best option is to simply call us. At no charge to you, we can help talk you through your options. We have been in the industry a long time and are happy to help.

If you’re still just researching and not ready to talk about it, here are some things you might consider checking off before making a decision.

  • We buy our own HT Lumber.
  • We build our own custom packaging.
  • We need export packs monthly.
  • Sales is looking for more exports.
  • Time to call WI Lumber & Pallet.

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“You are ready for certification when the  monthly cost makes sense or waiting for a 3rd party becomes inconvenient.”