In a groundbreaking move to protect its forest resources, the Cross River State government has declared a total suspension of all logging activities across the state.

Cross River State, located in southeastern Nigeria, is home to some of the last remaining tropical rainforests in the country. These forests, which cover approximately 40% of the state’s land area, are highly threatened by illegal logging and deforestation. They are crucial for biodiversity, housing numerous endangered species, and play a vital role in carbon sequestration.

This decisive action, announced by Governor Bassey Otu, aims to curb illegal logging and promote sustainable forest management. The ban reflects the government’s commitment to environmental conservation and addresses concerns from local communities about the rapid depletion of forest resources.

The suspension is expected to provide a much-needed respite for the region’s biodiversity and foster a renewed focus on eco-friendly practices. Authorities are now focusing on enforcing this ban strictly, ensuring that the natural heritage of Cross River State is preserved for future generations.

The initiative has been welcomed by environmentalists, who see it as a crucial step towards mitigating the adverse effects of deforestation and climate change in the region. The government has also pledged to explore alternative livelihoods for those affected by the logging ban, aiming to balance ecological preservation with economic needs.

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